TOtimes Tastings: 13th Street Winery is a Sensory Masterpiece

ST. CATHARINES, ON – August 16, 2023 – 13th Street Winery, proudly posts their “Ontario Winery of the Year” banner right at the entrance of the property, and rightly so, National Wine Award of Canada 2022 is definitely something to boast about.

 The winery is located right in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, in St. Catharines, Ontario. 

Immediately excitement is felt and heard throughout the grounds, with bustling wine tasting tours, parties, couples enjoying themselves, and even families with their children laying on the grass nibbling on fresh baked cookies. All out to enjoy the hot sunny day at this popular winery.

What is striking right off the bat, is the clean crisp white design motif of the place. Very stylish and chic! Very inviting.

WARNING, This Is No Ordinary Winery. It’s a SENSORY MASTERPIECE

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect on a visit to 13th Street Winery

This wine tasting experience is like no other! 

It does make sense for a winery to have wine tasting options, but what comes as a great surprise is that this winery also offers its guests “the unique experience that stimulates all senses, not just taste.”

The wine menu awaits the curiosity of every guest ready to sample the vineyard’s best.

Each server has extensive knowledge about each grape so that the wine tasting experience here will leave even a novice, feeling a bit more worldly and ready to book their next vacation to France to show off their newly acquired knowledge.

Renato Pedreschi, Sales & Experience Manager, 13th Street Winery, St. Catharines, ON

With knowledge in mind, what an honour it is if you were to have Renato Pedreschi at your table.  He heads up the Educational Program as the Sales & Experience Manager. He speaks with humble confidence and knows that with his expertise and the guests enthusiasm, everyone will have a fantastic wine tasting quest, and even feel excited about their next dinner party where they can show off their new appreciation and skills as an amateur food and wine connoisseur! 

13th Street Gallery

When the wine sampling is finished, grab a glass of your preferred selection and head over to the 13th Street Art Gallery where you will be welcomed by Canadian Contemporary Fine Art.    

The exhibitions are exquisite. 

The featured artists at this time are Alex Chorny who specializes in using metals and high-powered magnets and Floyd Elzinga who specializes in “Waste to Art” 

You can see these stunning visual masterpieces until August 12th.

Once you leave the gallery, your adventure is far from done.  Continue your art intake by walking around the grounds where you will be surrounded by the permanent exhibit of the garden’s spectacular Art Sculptures.  

You can even book a walking tour of the grounds, grab your tribe or join a group and learn some amazing facts and history about the vineyard. Along the way, your tour group will enjoy wine tasting and scrumptious small bites!

With all that walking you are sure to get a bit peckish, so make sure you try out the outdoor Bistro which you won’t be able to miss since the tantalizing aromas will be wafting through the air.

And last but certainly not least, the 13th Street Bakery awaits you. 

Which by the way, used to be the original location of the winery, retails store and wine tasting area.   

Here you will be able to purchase their highly sought-after, award-winning butter tarts and many other freshly baked (on site) goodies.  The gift store has something for everyone so take your time and peruse the gifts and kits available.

Don’t forget to ask about how you can become a club member.

A special thanks to Ruth Peters, the winery’s Director of Marketing. Ruth speaks with enthusiasm and a deep respect as offers up pieces of the vineyard’s history and visions for the future, but what is palpable, is as she looks around the bustling vineyard with a warm smile and she speaks of the winery in the here and now.  

13th Street Winery truly is an extraordinary experience for everyone.  

Go ahead, gift someone with this unique adventure.

Come immerse yourself at 13th Street Winery and expand your relationship in the culture of wine, food and art!

words and images by Kimberly Wardell

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Originally posted 2023-08-16 16:23:53.