One Yonge’s supertall towers could get even taller after new recommendation

Toronto’s skyline overlooking Lake Ontario is on the cusp of a significant vertical expansion, according to a recent report. The city’s planning department is recommending that city council approve Pinnacle International’s request to raise the height of the second and third phases at Pinnacle One Yonge, known for their design by Hariri Pontarini Architects. These towers, initially approved for 80 and 90 storeys, are now slated for multi-storey extensions, subject to the recommendation.

Pinnacle International submitted the amendment application to the city of Toronto in November, 2022. The director of community planning for the Toronto and East York District is slated to present the report at the Nov. 15 meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council. If the community council also endorses the report, it will proceed to city council for final approval on Dec. 13.

Should the request be approved, Phase 2, which is currently under construction, will reach an astounding 105 storeys and a height of 344.58 meters. This would make it the first building in Canada to surpass the 100-storey milestone and become the tallest building in the country. Phase 3 would also be allowed to add 12 storeys, bringing it to a total of 92 storeys and 306 meters in height. Even without the extensions, Phase 2 already qualifies as a ‘supertall’ building, which is designated for structures exceeding 300 meters. The extensions would elevate Phase 3 to the same ‘supertall’ status.

One Yonge
Rendering of Pinnacle One Yonge with additional height

Located on Yonge Street, just north of Toronto Harbour, the Pinnacle One Yonge development spans two blocks, previously the site of the Toronto Star. One block is already occupied, with the south block focusing on commercial space. Meanwhile, the north block is undergoing significant transformation, with the Phase One condo tower now housing residents and a city-run community centre that just opened on Nov. 4. Phase 2, known as the SkyTower, is already under construction and will feature a hotel in its podium levels. Phase 3 has yet to release its suites to the market, and its site, formerly a surface parking lot, currently serves as a staging area for Phase 2 construction. Phase 3 will include affordable rental units in its podium and retail space at ground level.

As Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Pinnacle One Yonge continue to rise, they contribute significantly to the city’s residential capacity. Phase 2 is expected to provide an additional 11,066 square meters of residential space, accommodating 116 more dwelling units, bringing the total to 958 units. Phase 3 is set to gain an additional 6,389 square meters of residential space, resulting in a total of 995 dwelling units, with 140 of them designated as affordable rental units.