Chef Schulz’s Barbie themed THE KENWICH recipe

Chef’s Note: Continuing with my Barbie themes recipes (see more below), The Kewnwich is made for Ken to remind him of his Barbie (OK it is made for anyone). The simplicity of the egg salad stuffing is perfect for someone who wants a really quick snack. Give me your comments about this simple Kenwich…Enjoy.

Recipe items required

• Bread
• 4 eggs 
• Pink food colouring 
• Blue food colouring 
• Four slices of toast bread 
• 1/4 cup of mayonnaise 
• 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard
• Half stock of finely sliced celery 
• One chopped green onion 

To make your blue coloured eggs 

• Take a pot fill with water and the 4 eggs. Boil the eggs for 15 minutes.
• Once boiled, drain the hot water and fill the pot with cold water (leave eggs in the pot). Cool the eggs with cold water until completely cold. 
• Once cold, take a medium size pot add the blue food colouring until water turns blue. 
• Take your eggs individually and tap them slightly all around with a spoon or knife so that the shell cracks. Once the shell is cracked, place the eggs in the pot and submerge them in the blue cold water.
• Take the pop and place it in the fridge for 3 to 5 hours or overnight. 

To make the pink mayonnaise

• Add a quarter cup of mayonnaise into a small bowl.

• Take three or four drops of the pink food colouring and mix it into the mayonnaise, until nice and pink. (To adjust the shade of colour, add more of the food colouring)

To make the egg salad

• Take a bowl and chop 3 of the blue eggs into small pieces.
• Add mustard, the pink mayonnaise, celery, and chopped green onion. Mixed ingredients together.

• Once ingredients are mixed, place your chopped blue eggs into the mixture and fold them in.

• Slice your bread in half and pile your egg salad mixture onto the bottom half of the bread.

• Take the remaining whole blue egg and place it on the plate with the Kenwich.

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Originally posted 2023-08-14 15:01:10.