Chef Schulz’s Barbie style pasta recipe

Chef’s Note: With the huge popularity of the Barbie movie, I became inspired to create a few dishes to commemorate the movie and if you like the Barbie pink colour then you’re sure going to like these recipes over the coming few days. This one is a pasta that will certainly get anyone’s attention. It’s no joke, it really tastes great and it’s all in the sauce. Try it out with the ‘Ken’ in your life or just yourself…I know you’re going to like it.

Please drop me a line and tell me what you think…Enjoy

Barbie Style Pasta recipe

Ingredient needed:
• Fusilli pasta
• 1 medium size beet

• ¼ cup of white cream cheese (your favourite brand)

• Feta cheese

• ½ small lemon

• 1 teaspoon of butter

• Salt and Pepper

Cooking Instructions:

• Take a pot with water band add a pinch of salt. Place pasta in the water and cook the Fusilli to manufacturer’s recommendation.

• Place the beet in a separate pot with water and a pinch of salt added and cook until tender (take a small knife and insert it into the beet, if it goes through effortlessly, the beet is ready-just like boiling a potato for mashing). Drain the water and let the beet cool. Once the beet is cooled, peel it in cut into several pieces.

• Grab your blender and place the chopped beet and cream cheese into it and squeeze the juice of the half lemon (careful not to include the lemon pits) into the blender. Blend the three items together until you get a smooth puree.

Chef’s Note:
If the mixture is too red and not a pink (like the Barbie pink), add more white cream cheese and blend again. 

• Once the mixture is the right pink consistency, grab a pot, add butter and place the blended mixture in the pot. Turn heat to the low temperature for three to four minutes or until the mixtures is warm.

Plating your pink Barbie pasta dish:
• Place the cooked pasta in on the plate, then add the pink sauce mixture on top of the pasta (be generous).

• Take one to two teaspoons of the Feta cheese and garnish the crumbled feta on top and viola you are ready to serve your pink pasta to your Ken or Barbie.

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Originally posted 2023-08-12 01:21:35.