The Most Popular Desserts in Canada


Canada is rich in food choices, both sweet and savoury, but especially when it comes to desserts. Every region has its own special desserts. When talking about Canadian cuisine, one of the the most common dishes that comes to mind is usually poutine. When it comes to Canadian desserts it seems that pies reign supreme. Canadians, have certainly shown that they love a small bite of sweets every now and then. The main overriding theme of many Canadian desserts is that they are made up of local ingredients and originate from different regions.

Here you will find a brief description of some of the famous desserts popular in Canada. You definitely should check them out the next time you go out. And for many Canadians, a cup of coffee is a perfect dessert complement. 

The Most Popular Desserts in Canada 

Here are some of the most popular desserts in Canada right now. 

  1. Figgy Duff: This is a Canadian pudding that is made from molasses and flour. Instead of white sugar, brown sugar is used. As for this pudding, the name originated from its dough-like texture. This pudding is on the stickier side. 
  2. Nanaimo Bars: if you Google the best desserts in Canada, then the first thing that usually pops up is the Nanaimo bars. This dessert originated in British Columbia and has three layers. The bottom layers are made up of nuts, Graham crackers, and coconut. The next layer is the custard. And finally, the next layer is the chocolate ganache. 
  3. Bannock: This is a variation of flatbread. When the dessert is fried, it becomes fluffy. When they are baked, they are pretty solid. This bread can be made with tons of different flavors, and each time it hides a surprise. 
  4. Flapper Pie: we Canadians love our graham crackers. This pie is a different version of vanilla pie. The crust is made of graham crackers and butter and is placed on both sides of the custards. It is served with whipped cream. 
  5. Date Squares: this more likely feels like an oatmeal bar. The squares have a base of oatmeal, and the center has a creamy date filling. It originated in Manitoba and is one of my favorite frozen desserts. 
  6. Timbits: We Canadians have a different name for our donut balls. These are the leftovers of a donut. Often filled with various flavors, the name “timbits” has stuck with it since the 1970s. Quebec is big on Timbits. 
  7. Butter Tarts: if you want to try bite-size Canadian desserts, then you have the butter tarts. For me, this is one of the delicacies that will stick forever. They are made with a flaky crust, and the filling is made up of brown sugar, butter, and eggs. Some like to add raisins to the tarts as well. 
  8. Pancakes And Maple Syrup: though the pancakes are from Germany, maple syrup belongs to us. Pancakes are sweet, flatbread cakes that can be made with a thin cake batter. Then it is topped with syrup and whipped cream. 

Final Thoughts

The most popular desserts in Canada are as diverse as the regions of the country, and they represent different histories. Some of the desserts are reflections of other desserts, and some are made here. Each region has a different take on those desserts. Thus, you might want to try everything from everywhere!

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