The five most scenic neighbourhoods in Toronto for a stroll

Taking a stroll to clear your mind or relieve workday stress is always a good idea, but it’s an even better idea when walking through neighbourhoods with amazing scenery. Because we are always looking to take a walk on the scenic side, we’ve put together a list of the top five (in our opinion) most scenic neighbourhoods in Toronto for a long and leisurely walk.

Casa Loma


We couldn’t make this list without including the Casa Loma neighbourhood. With a setting that’s straight out of a fairy tale, it’s easy to get lost in this area filled with historic homes and leafy-lined streets. Casa Loma has a lot of history and you’ll find the historic mansion once owned by Sir Henry Pellatt is a great place to start. When things open up, this area has plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from, so why not end that walk with a nice meal or glass of something cool?



Rows and rows of colourful Victorian homes line the streets of Cabbagetown. Snatching up some real estate in this area will cost you a pretty penny but walking through the neighbourhood is a treat. History notes that the name “Cabbagetown” came from the immigrant population during the 1800s — they planted cabbages in front yards as a source of nourishment.



Once upon a time, Rosedale was the estate of William Botsford Jarvis. Jarvis’s wife named the area ‘Rosedale’ because an abundance of wild roses grew in the area. Some of those roses are still around and blooming, but the area is best known now for being one of the wealthiest residential pockets in the city. If you have millions to spend, you can purchase some real estate in Rosedale, but even if you aren’t looking for a new home, Rosedale has some of the loveliest and quietest streets to admire in the city while out for a stroll.

Baby Point

You might think that babies roam the streets of Baby Point, but this part of town was named for French settler James Baby (often pronounced B-aw-by). The neighbourhood is known for its stately gates, and it’s urrounded by ravines and parks with easy access to the Humber Trail, making it hard to find a prettier neighbourhood to walk through.

Chestnut Park

Nestled in between Mount Pleasant Road and Yonge Street, Chestnut Park is a series of winding streets complete with brick sidewalks and classic lamp posts to make for a scenic stroll that will make you believe you are no longer in Toronto. If you need a break from the hot city streets, this is a great area to roam, get lost in, and admire the Victorian buildings that line the neighbourhood.

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