Ranked: Toronto’s Best Breakfasts

When it comes to spoiling yourself, there’s nothing quite like taking yourself out for a really great breakfast. Toronto has endless breakfast options, from on-the-go treats, to sit-down feasts, there’s something for all budgets and time scales. We’ve taken on the arduous task of searching out the very best of these breakfasting options and can proudly present to you, what we believe to be Toronto’s very best breakfasts. So, hop out of bed, dust the sleep from your eyes, and get ready to fill your belly with unimaginable goodness.

Lady Marmalade

First on the list is a firm favourite that’s doing well in its new(ish) spot on Broadview. Lady Marmalade is famous for its incredible egg dishes and there are plenty to choose from. Eggs Benedict has the longest section on the whole menu and once you’ve ordered one of the options, you’ll immediately see why. The Salmon Benny is a classic, two buns are topped with homemade smoked salmon, herby cream cheese, and an unctuous hollandaise sauce.

If you’d like to mix things up a little though, then we recommend the B.A.B Benny (Brie, Avocado, and Bacon), or go a little off-piste with a Crepe Croque Monsieur, everybody’s favourite toasted sandwich, this time topped with poached eggs, spinach and a scallion cream that’s so good you could eat it by the spoonful.


With a name like Eggsmart it stands to reason that the breakfast options here are the stuff of legend. If you’re a fan of a couple of eggs to start off your day the right way then get down to Eggsmart – and do it early! Queues start forming here around 9am, but the service is lightning fast enough to make the queue fly by.

They have three main sections on the menu, skillets, eggs benedict, and poutines. Any of the options on the menu are great, but we have a particular soft spot for the skillets. The SouthWest skillet features grilled chicken with green peppers, onions, corn and black beans, all sauteed up into a hash. It’s then topped with a piquante pico de gallo and their signature southwest sauce.

Water’s Edge

It might seem an unlikely spot to find a top five breakfast, but Water’s Edge within the Great Blue Heron Resort is serving up an indulgent treat that’s more than enough fodder to set you up for the whole day. Their Heron Hash combines beef brisket, peppers and onions, all sauteed together and topped with two perfectly poached eggs and their signature Hollandaise sauce. It’s a rich breakfast for sure, and perhaps not for those who are counting calories, but what a treat.

Plus, once you’ve finished you can hit up the casino to play a little blackjack as a post-breakfast brain workout or Water’s Edge are very happy for you to use their wifi to play at the most popular online casino in Ontario, which is currently offering an enormous welcome bonus to new sign-ups. Playing a game over breakfast might feel a little indulgent, but when you’re already brisket before midday then who’s counting?

Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

Beleela is a real treat

The next choice is the perfect choice for the more daring breakfaster. It’s a proper family operation, with the head chef, wait staff, and barista all being from the same family. The breakfast/brunch menu is pretty extensive, but their Egyptian heritage shines through in every dish. If you’re looking for a big breakfast that will leave you full until the evening then we recommend the Basturma Scramble. Beef for breakfast might seem a little unusual in Canada, but it’s quite a normal part of a more extravagant breakfast in Egypt.

The Basturma Scramble brings together cured beef that’s sliced incredibly thinly and flavoured with fenugreek, garlic, and harissa. This sits atop golden, creamy scrambled eggs and is served with homemade baladi bread and salad. If you can’t get past the notion of beef for breakfast then the Beleela is a great alternative. This is the ultimate breakfast for those with a sweet tooth. It consists of slowly cooked porridge cooked in whole milk and vanilla. This is topped with sugar, raisins, walnuts, fresh berries, and shredded coconut. It’s deliciously indulgent.

Bodega Henriette

If you don’t mind venturing a little out of the centre then our final mention goes to Bodega Henriette. This chic spot specialises in breakfast and brunch only and their menu is divine.

There’s a lot to love on the cart, but the French Toast is to die for. They have both savoury and sweet options, but our favourite is the savoury french toast with crispy pork belly, smoked bacon, a cinnamon spiked blueberry compote and plenty of maple syrup.

lead image: Lady Marmalade is famous for its Eggs Benedict

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Originally posted 2023-09-22 16:29:23.