City employee involved in heated exchange at High Park protest

high park

Yesterday a pro-car protest in High Park got heated and a social media post shows the driver using his vehicle against a counter-protestor. Turns out, the driver works for the City of Toronto and it might not go well for him over the next couple of days.

During the protest, a City of Toronto employee from the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Department was captured in a video driving his vehicle into a counter-protestor who was blocking the car at the front. He then, according to a comment from lawyer Dave Shellnutt a.k.a. The Biking Lawyer proceeded to threaten physical violence.

The video shows the driver taking off his brightly coloured shirt associated with city works before confronting the crowd of people on hand.

After a news report from a local media outlet, the city issued the following statement:

“We have identified this individual as a City employee in the photo shared and are conducting an investigation to take appropriate action,” read a statement from the City of Toronto, published in the same Instagram post. “However, City staff were not instructed to take enforcement actions relating to the gathering at High Park. Staff were expected to perform their usual duties as assigned.”

According to Shellnutt, these incidents highlight the pervasive issue of road violence and driver entitlement that affects all levels of society. Cyclists, in particular, are well aware of this problem.

“Road violence and driver entitlement leading to dangerous behaviours are prolific and penetrate all levels of society. Cyclists know it,” wrote Shellnutt. “It’s high time our elected officials and police got serious about protecting vulnerable road users.”

Originally posted 2023-08-03 15:08:23.