Ex-NBA star Joe Smith furious over partner’s OnlyFans page

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Communication is key in any relationship, on or off the basketball court, which may explain why ex-NBA star Joe Smith was furious after finding out about his partner’s OnlyFans account.

Smith had a furious reaction to finding out his partner of five years, Kisha Chavis — a former adult actress who went by the name Yasmine Pendavis, by the way – had been using the platform to make some money on the side.

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And the blowup was shared on social media, for the world to see.

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“I can’t believe I’m sitting here just finding out you got an OnlyFans page,” Smith said in the video. “Out of all these years, the disrespect that comes with it. You could’ve talked to me before you did it.

“That’s bulls**t. That’s f***ed up, Kish. I’m telling you, that’s f***ed up.”

Chavis defended herself, saying, “I’m not doing it with anybody but myself. so why should I have to tell you? My body, my f***king choice.”

Chavis claimed that she turned to OnlyFans to “get something extra” as her multiple jobs weren’t “facilitating enough.”

Smith said he would’ve at least liked a heads-up before learning about it after several years.

“Joe, I’ve been talking to you about mad things,” she replied. “I’ve been asking for solutions to s**t and you’re not giving none so I created one.”

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“That’s no solution, not in my book,” Smith said, to which Chavis fired back, “You knew who the f***k I was when you met me.

“… And I thought that I would never have to go back to anything like this again, but unfortunately that’s not the case right now.”

For what it’s worth, Smith was the first-overall pick in the 1995 NBA draft and played 16 years in the league.

Despite earning an estimated $61 million in his career, Smith admitted in 2018 to living paycheck-to-paycheck and that after taxes, agent fees and management fees, Smith said he only pocketed about $18 million over the course of his career.

“You’re still out there showing your body and doing stuff like this on camera,” Smith said.

“You act like that’s the only thing I do,” Chavis said. “I have made jobs but they’re not facilitating everything that needs to be so I got something extra.

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“OnlyFans be breaking me off. What the f**k.”

Smith said that he was more upset about Chavis not telling him about it.

“Come on Kisha with that,” he said. “It don’t matter what they’re breaking you off. It’s the disrespect that comes with it. You couldn’t come and talk to me about it.”

“OK, well we’re talking about it now,” she replied before putting her foot down on the matter.

“So now you know … Whatever. I been doing what I have to do, period. That’s bottom line. That’s what it is,” she said.

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