A TTC jacket Drake was spotted wearing is now selling for over $1,000

After a casual Shoppers run went viral on Drake’s Instagram page, versions of the TTC jacket he was wearing in the photos are being listed for over $1,000 — and people are seriously considering buying them.

One of the most exciting things about Drake is that despite being one of, if not the biggest star that the city has, he can pretty regularly be seen around the city doing everyday people things. 

But what does set Drake apart from the rest of us when he is doing his errands is that he is often wearing clothes that would cost at least the average Toronto worker’s monthly rent. That was the case recently when photos of Drake shopping at a Shoppers Drug Mart blew up on social media. The fact that Drake himself was in a Shoppers wasn’t the strange part — what had people going wild was the TTC jacket he was wearing. 

The jacket is actually a vintage one in the style of an old TTC conductor uniform. The rap star dropped some photos of him in the Shopper’s sporting the jacket on his Instagram page along with the caption, “And away we go…” 

This post instantly generated interest in the jacket, with comments on the star’s post complimenting his outfit. One commenter wrote, “Only man in the city who doesn’t drive the bus…. But has access to the exclusive TTC JACKET.” 

The jacket stirred up so much curiosity that people inevitably began searching for other versions of it and found that despite being a TTC uniform item, it is running for some big bucks online.

A quick look shows that it is going for over $1,000 at the low end, with some offering the jacket at a whopping $2,000 on platforms such as Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. The jacket appears to be an old TTC conductor outfit that would be worn by employees on buses, subways and street cars. It’s unclear whether these jacket prices are now being jacked up thanks to Drake’s free promo or whether they were already rarities that were selling for that much to begin with. 

Either way, die-hard fans are beginning to treat this jacket like unofficial Drake merch, with people whose parents or spouses own a few of these jackets from working for the TTC even considering listing them for sale thanks to all the interest Drake stirred up about them.

One commenter even said that they want a TTC route to be named after Drake. Another also called out how strange it was for a Shoppers Drug Mart to look so empty, especially with Drake obviously being there. “Damn! Champagne shut down the whole Shoppers to buy some toiletries for tour,” they wrote. 

The post went up just two weeks before the start of Drake’s three-month tour where he is set to make several stops in the United States, starting off in Memphis, Tennessee, before making several stops throughout the country, including a seven-show run in Brooklyn and New York City. The tour drew some ire from Toronto fans when they realized tickets in his hometown were selling for almost double the price compared to tickets in other cities.

Originally posted 2023-06-19 18:20:29.