With condo approval Yorkville tower to be home to sky-high new art gallery

The City of Toronto is allowing a more substantial number of storeys at The One, though not quite meeting the ambitious target set by the developer, and getting a new public art gallery as a result.

The City and Mizrahi Developments, the company behind the ongoing construction of the skyscraper situated at 1 Bloor St. W., have settled and are moving forward regarding an appeal for extra height. Under the compromise, which was approved last week at city council, the tower would soar to 91 storeys, and will be accompanied by a new public art gallery that grants panoramic vistas of the city.

Toronto City Council has officially approved a proposal to include the art gallery and public space within The One. The developer, Mizrahi Developments, had been seeking permission to increase the building’s height to compete with a neighboring project. After negotiations, a settlement offer was accepted, resulting in City Council granting approval for a height increase to 92 storeys.

The approval is contingent upon Mizrahi Developments allocating space on or above the 79th floor for the art gallery and public area, in accordance with Section 37 of the Planning Act. This section allows the city to impose a community benefits charge on developers. Artscape Atelier, a prominent organization specializing in creative placemaking and community development through the arts, will operate the designated space.

Dubbed “The One at The One,” the proposed initiative aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both Mizrahi Developments and Artscape Atelier. The program seeks to showcase the work of local artists, contributing to Toronto’s vibrant arts and culture scene while garnering international attention.

“The One at The One, would leverage the position, capacity, and mandates of both organizations to create a truly unique contribution to Toronto’s Arts and Culture scene,” wrote Artscape in a letter to city council. “This program would aim to provide localized benefits to the Bloor-Yorkville art gallery ecosystem, while providing Toronto’s visual arts sector with a marquee program that will help it gain new international attention.”

According to the settlement offer, the allocated gallery space will host public exhibitions, providing a captivating platform for visitors to engage with the creations of resident artists. The specific details of the space were outlined in a letter from Artscape, which states that approximately half a floor, equivalent to five residential units, will be dedicated to the gallery and public area. While not all of the space will be accessible to the public, it will include furnished short-term rental units exclusively for artists-in-residence. Mizrahi Developments will retain ownership of this designated area, consisting of one studio unit, two one-bedroom units, and two two-bedroom units.

With the approval of city council, Mizrahi Developments can proceed with the construction of the art gallery and public space within The One. This addition promises to enhance Toronto’s arts and cultural landscape, providing both local residents and visitors with a unique destination.

Further details and a timeline for the construction and opening of the art gallery and public space have not been provided in the available information.

Originally posted 2023-06-26 14:30:26.