New round of Ontario Place consultations scheduled for tonight

A second round of community consultation on the much-maligned spa proposal by Therme Group to be located on the public lands at Ontario Place is scheduled for today.

According to city information, the meeting will focus on design changes from the original proposal received by the City in November of 2022. The meeting is virtual and will present similar information to the Sept. 7 in-person session from 3-8:30 pm at the Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place.

“We look forward to hearing your feedback on the revised designs. A comprehensive revised planning application package with updated designs is expected to be submitted to the City later in September 2023 following the public meetings,” read information on the meeting site.

Earlier this summer, Therme Canada Ontario Place revealed a series of transformative updates for the iconic Ontario Place, with significant contributions from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN), public meetings, community engagement, and City of Toronto planning staff. These plans have not been submitted to the city.

The updated design features a land bridge linking the West Island to the mainland and green roofs with Credit River-inspired pathways, emphasizing Indigenous heritage and developed in partnership with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN).

“We are very pleased with the unveiling of the design for the West Island at Ontario Place,” said Gimaa (Chief) Stacey LaForme. “Our deep and ongoing partnership with Therme continues to bring us closer to our shared vision for cultural revitalization and place-keeping. We look forward to our continued collaboration and to advancing the design of the West Island in a meaningful and culturally significant way.”

Other changes include a new campus-style layout for the West Island, expanding the public space by four additional acres, which now totals nearly 16 acres. Collaborating with MCFN, the project introduces new public gathering spaces while celebrating the history and heritage design of the original Ontario Place, providing enhanced views of the Pods, Cinesphere, downtown skyline, and Lake Ontario.

“The refreshed design delivers the same great waterpark and wellbeing attractions, but thanks to feedback, it has even more open parkland, more natural spaces, more public trails, and more places for people to gather,” said Dr. Robert Hanea, CEO and Chair of Therme Group. “After this revitalization, there will be more public space than currently exists on the West Island, and we’re proud to advance a project that responds so meaningfully to the feedback we’ve heard so far.”

Originally posted 2023-09-12 12:45:52.