Massive bowling and dining hotspot opening soon in Yorkville

The mammoth McEwan grocery story at Yonge and Bloor is going to be replaced by a new bowling and entertainment facility from the team behind Ballroom Bowl. And it must be getting close as the company is already hiring staff for all positions.

The original Ballroom Bowl opened in 2010 as a 10-lane bowling alley with a 300-seat sports bar and restaurant at the corner of John and Richmond streets.

The concept features an interactive entertainment centre with 23,500 square feet including 10-pin bowling, dozens of TVs, a rooftop patio, music and elevated pub fare.

Leisure activities including bowling, roller skating, and even billiards has seen a serious revival as of late.

Now, there is news that the Ballroom Bowl expansion will include even more locations in the city and beyond including Yonge-Dundas Square.

“We are the only bowling alley in the City of Toronto for 13 years running. Obviously moving into Yorkville in the fall of this year, the holiday season, that in and of itself is very unique and I’m very excited about that opportunity and looking forward to bringing what we do downtown in the Entertainment District, bringing the chique, luxe, aspect of it to Yorkville and knocking it out of the park with First Capital (property owner),” Ballroom Bowl owner Paul Donato told Retail Insider.

There are four Ballroom concepts that will be rolled out in the expansion including Ballroom Social, which is what will be opening at Yonge and Bloor; Ballroom Bowl; Ballmart, which is heading to the suburbs; as well as Ballroom Bowl Mechnical, which is hitting Yonge and Dundas and other locations.

“I’ve been aspiring to make this move for some time but it takes awhile to get things where you need them and to learn the business and to move forward and turn it into the national brand that I intend to turn it into,” Donato told Retail Insider.

The Ballroom Social is scheduled to open in the fall.