Here’s how much you’d win by betting $1,000 on Toronto’s mayoral hopefuls

People are betting on everything these days in Ontario — and apparently that includes betting on who will be the next mayor in Toronto. FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario has been running a betting pool on the Toronto mayoral by-election. If you’re planning on getting in on the gambling action ahead of the June 26 vote, now is your chance: and we’ve calculated how much you could win depending on which candidate you bet on (and who actually takes the crown).

Days away from the election, the odds seem to be in Olivia Chow‘s favour — at least in the opinion of the betting world. FanDuel is running three different pools in the by-election market, the main one being one where you can bet on any of the 15 leading candidates. But there are also two other pools: betting on Chow versus “the field” (referring to anyone who isn’t Chow), and betting on who will receive the most votes in the election, excluding Chow from the results. 

In the gambling world, the less likely something is to happen, the more you could win by betting on it. With odds of -667 (or 87 per cent), betting $1,000 on Chow would win you just $149.93 if she is voted in. Trailing behind in second place is Mark Saunders with odds of +1100 (equal to 8.3 per cent), which means betting $1,000 on him would win you $11,000 if he becomes mayor. Ana Bailão‘s betting odds are +1400 (6.7 per cent), which would win you $14,000 if you bet $1,000 if she is voted in.

Thinking of betting before the window closes? Here’s the full breakdown of what you  you stand to win if you bet $1,000 on each of the top 15 mayoral candidates (and they actually end up winning):

Olivia Chow: Betting odds -667, $149.93 profit

Mark Saunders: Odds +1100, $11,000 profit

Ana Bailão: Odds +1400, $14,000 profit

Mitzie Hunter: Odds +1600, $16,000 profit

Brad Bradford: Odds +2000, $20,000 profit

Josh Matlow: Odds +2000, $20,000 profit

Chloe Brown: Odds +2300, $23,000 profit

Celina Caesar-Chavannes: Odds +2700, $27,000 profit

Giorgio Mammoliti: Odds +2700, $27,000 profit

Anthony Furey: Odds +3300, $33,000 profit

Edward Gong: Odds +3300, $33,000 profit

Blake Acton: Odds +4000, $40,000 profit

Frank D’Angelo: Odds +4000, $40,000 profit

Mark LeLiever: Odds +4000, $40,000 profit

Kevin Clarke: Odds +5000, $50,000 profit

Originally posted 2023-06-23 18:24:08.