Best Canadian cities to walk around and explore

The second-largest country in the world, Canada is not only the best country to reside in, but it owns its beauty. Canada is load-up with picturesque landscapes, cultural and historical benchmarks, and colored with lively and cosmopolitan cities. It also offers many unique places to visit and experience and various Canadian cities to discover.

One of the best approaches to enjoying what Canada offers is walking around its cities and towns and exploring the country’s different villages. Moreover, Canadian cities are evenly beautiful, with a rare fusion of modernity and history.

If you reside or plan a vacation to Canada, it is best to list the cities and attractions you want to visit. And many Hollywood actors and actresses belong to Canada’s most famous artists like Avril Lavigne, Ryan Gosling, Jim Carry, Keanu Reeves, and Finn Wolfhard.

In this article, we will list down the best cities in Canada, in no specific order, to experience around by walking.


Montreal is a fantastic fusion of European and North American cultures; you can experience it by walking around the city. Montreal is known as a haven for pedestrians, with traffic-free streets and paved stone pathways, making walking across this city a complete pleasure.

You can experience the city’s mesmerizing European- style architecture and travel to the city’s iconic landmarks like the Notre Dame Basilica and the Mont-Royal Summit, or visit museums and galleries located in the town. While enjoying jaw-dropping city views, you can admire the beautiful scenery and diverse French influence, which will surely capture your heart.


Some of the best scenery in the country exists in Vancouver, situated on the west coast of Canada. You can explore trendy neighborhoods, beautiful natural parks, and mesmerizing architecture. The city’s most famous pedestrian route, the Seawall, gives breathtaking views of downtown and Stanely Park.

Moreover, Stanley Park, titled “Heart of Vancouver,” is a central spot for exploring on foot. Granville Island, Gastown, and Chinatown are noticeable neighborhoods you must visit while in Vancouver. After a whole day of walking and exploring the city, it is best to relax by streaming movies Hulu Canada offers.


Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is known for its dynamic multiculturalism, high skyscrapers, and mesmerizing natural beauty. You can access several places on foot, including art galleries, museums, historical benchmarks, and parks. Toronto is also home to the popular Lake Ontario waterfront and beaches, parks, and amusement areas.

Exploring on foot around the city, you can visit the CN Tower, The Distillery District, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Royal Ontario Museum. And while walking down Younge Street, the main street of Toronto, is a fantastic experience like no other; the road is 1,800 km long, creating it the longest street in the world.

The city’s different neighborhoods, such as Kensington Market and Little Italy, give you a sight into the diverse cultures that make up Toronto.

Quebec City

It is the oldest city in North America. The city is known for its old-world charm, Francophile culture, and well-maintained historical places. The city displays narrow cobblestone streets, astonishing buildings that antecede the 17th and 18th centuries, top-notch museums, and lively street art.

Experiencing the city’s Old Town on foot, a UNESCO World Heritage site must be visited when traveling to Quebec City.


Edmonton is a city situated in the meadow of western Canada. The city is highlighted for organizing festivals throughout the year, such as the famous Edmonton Fringe Festival, the Heritage Festival, and the Ice on Whyte Festival are among those festivals.

You would love to visit this city if you are a party animal. You can explore galleries and gardens and many other attractions.


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and is covered in Canadian history. You can explore so many several historical benchmarks that give you a glimpse of insight into the country’s fascinating history, which can be discovered by walking.

You can explore many bike paths, jogging trails, and routes that make part of the Trans-Canada Trail system. Moreover, you would love to walk around the city’s parks, such as Majors’ Hill Park, and visit attractions like the Rideau Canal, which you can enjoy on foot.


Last but not least, Halifax is a port city on Canada’s east coast known for its music scenes, tasty seafood, lively art, and rich maritime past. You can discover the city while walking by Halifax’s fantastic places, such as the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the Public Gardens, and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Another place worth visiting is the Halifax waterfront; you can walk across the boardwalk and seize the dock’s stir and beauty. And if you are a book lover, you must not miss out on Halifax Central Library, ranked no.1 in Canada as the best library in the country.


To conclude, Canada has many places for pedestrians, from natural parks, museums, historical sites, fabulous libraries, and breathtaking ocean views to beautiful arts and culture views and dynamic nightlife.

Whether you love to walk or not, visiting Canada definitely, makes you fall for exploring by walking. And don’t forget to rest; as much as you relax, you will easily explore the places.

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