Barbie Wear: Toronto Designer NARCES Introduces Barbie EDIT collection

TORONTO – July 26, 2023 – The same week that the Barbie movie hit the local theatres breaking summer box office records, Toronto fashion house NARCES sent an email newsletter announcing their ‘Barbie Edit’. It’s a collection of gorgeous gowns, dresses, jumpsuits and tops in various shades of pink with plenty of bling. The NARCES Barbie Edit celebrates the timelessness of Barbie with the curated selection of looks from their collections.

“This is our Barbie Edit using pieces that were already in our collection,” says Nikki Yassemi Wirthensohn, Founder/Head Designer of NARCES. “It’s a curation of many shades with pink being the dominate colour; lots of texture and iridescent paillette pieces with jumbo pink sequins with silver sparkle. The silhouette is done in a modern way showcasing some of our best-selling pieces in our collection. You will see neon lace pieces shown in a modern way. The backless dress has ruffles at the neck and adapts well to ruching.”

NARCES Barbie Edit

The Barbie Edit is described as: “Embrace modern chic with a vegan leather suit, exude sophistication in an all-crystal gown and captivate with iridescent paillette separates. For an eye-catching look, the sequin backless gown is sure to impress, while the mini dresses add a playful touch. Rock the scene with the iridescent organza off-the-shoulder dress.”

As a renowned bridal and evening wear designer, Nikki is known for her ingenious use of fabrics and designs to create texture and movement in her pieces. “I love to play with texture,” she states. “For us it’s about using sheer material strategically and the use of embellishments to accentuate the body.”

While the backless gown and shimmering sequin dress are perfect for dressy occasions, the designer is quick to point out that she curated the Barbie Edit to be versatile enough for day or evening wear.

“I would say that the Barbie Edit is versatile enough to cover a range of different moods and occasions, from our comfortable and easy-going jumpsuit to tops that can be worn day or night, to evening wear,” states Nikki.

Nikki is not new to the whole Barbie craze, having previously created a Barbie Collection for a major Canadian retailer. “I created a Barbie Collection for The Bay for the 60th Anniversary of Barbie,” says Nikki. (Barbie turned 50 on March 9, 2009) “We constantly have special dresses in our collection, so we were able to curate the Barbie Edit in time for our monthly newsletter in July.”

NARCES Barbie Edit

Nikki was going to see the Barbie movie the day after we spoke. “We are all having a Barbie year!” she adds. To embrace your inner Barbie or find something special to wear to see the Barbie movie, NARCES fashions can be purchased online or at their Toronto studio.

by Laurie Wallace-Lynch

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Originally posted 2023-07-26 20:09:03.