A runaway alpaca just stopped traffic on a Toronto area highway


A wayward alpaca found its way back to its owner after being observed on Hwy. 400 on Sunday.

While #SeeSnowGoSlow might not have the same resonance as #SeeAlpacasGoSlow, the Ontario Provincial Police emphasized the importance of slowing down when encountering such animals on the highway in a tweet on Nov. 19.

Alpacas, known for their gentle demeanor and soft, luxurious fleece, are domesticated South American camelids. They are closely related to llamas and are primarily raised for their prized fiber.

In this case, the alpaca in question was successfully corralled with the assistance of Aurora OPP and Ministry of Transportation officials. The owner was promptly contacted, and the animal was safely removed from the busy highway, the OPP added.

Looking for a less-stressful encounter with an alpaca? There are plenty of farms in the GTA that offer such furry meet-and-greets including those with fitness classes and more.